KITCHENS - the heart of the home.

On the design of new kitchens.

The kitchen is rightly considered to be at the heart of any home, and it is natural that this space should have a lot of attention in any design project. Whilst we are, as Architects, normally concerned with the whole building, we are happy to work closely with clients on the arrangement of their kitchen. This can be limited to a broad discussion of principles prior to the commissioning of a specialist designer, or indeed we can provide all details for bespoke designs that will be made up by joiners. The choice is completely with the building owner. Here are a few examples:

Kitchen in a french barn.

This stone barn was converted to a large holiday home, and the old stables on the lower floor were designed to become kitchen and breakfast areas, together with two bedrooms and a bathroom. We helped the client to prepare a design that was made up in the UK, and then travelled with them taking the units through France to the site. They were assembled by us over two days, with plumbing and electrical installation carried out later by local artisans. The arrangement has a very simple style that matches the robust existing building extremely well.

Listed building alterations for kitchen

The old kitchen here was more of a passageway, due to the configuration of the old timber frame. Listed Building restrictions prevented all but the simplest alterations, but nevertheless, we created a large open space that was carefully arranged to provide a spacious kitchen and dining area. An additional window provided a previously unavailable view to the garden from the new sink location.

Kitchen enlarged and opened out

Many traditional properties have the kitchen placed away from the reception rooms, and the owners of this house did not require more space, they simply wanted it better arranged. The new kitchen opens on to a dining area that is also used as a family sitting area. A new floor and integrated lighting system have made the spaces work well together.

New kitchen in a new space

When the kitchen is to be placed within a totally new space, the coordination of the arrangement of units with windows and other openings may be simpler, but any discrepancies show up much more. This kitchen is open and spacious, and the new furniture fits in beautifully with the purpose made spaces created for it.

Roof lantern over kitchen

Planning restrictions on the front of this large property in a Conservation area prevented any openings to the wall that was to enclose the kitchen. Whilst large french doors and windows were placed onto the garden to maximise light, the kitchen is also provided with additional natural daylight from a large lantern rooflight placed above the island unit. It provides a visual focus as well as excellent task lighting.

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