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Working with Historic Buildings

We are very fortunate to have a wide range and number of historic buildings in Sussex, and Henfield has some good examples of timber framed buildings that date to the sixteenth century. Although these buildings have enormous character, they can be damaged by thoughtless improvements, and we are actively involved in helping owners both to make them more useable for the twenty-first century, whilst retaining the essential qualities that make them such a valuable heritage asset. Here are some examples:

West End Lane, Henfield

This timber framed farmhouse had been extended in the 1970’s with a brick built extension that did little to enhance the character of the original. The owners boldly decided to demolish the addition and replace it with a two storey, oak-framed structure that was designed specifically for its location. Perhaps in two hundred years time the new oak frame will be considered as historically valuable as the original.

Church Street , Henfield

Although small, this property is considered one of the most historically valuable in the village, being both close to the church and of great age. It was originally an open ‘hall’ house, but had been divided into two homes many years ago. Space was therefore constrained, and the project was to create an enlarged kitchen with dining area, utility space and wc/shower, all within a footprint of 3m x 4m!

The Common, Henfield

In common with most timber framed buildings of great age, this lovely house has seen many alterations over the years. Our present lifestyle seeks to create shared living, eating and cooking spaces for our families. In order to enable this here, we added a new dormer window and removed some newer partitions internally. The intervention was relatively modest, but we hope that the improvement to the functioning of the spaces is substantial.

Stonepit Lane, Henfield

Dating from the seventeenth century and possibly one of the most ancient buildings in the Henfield area, this farmhouse has been left relatively untouched for the past fifty years, and now needs a little attention. We are working with the owners to initiate work that will both preserve and enhance the historic fabric, whilst at the same time making it comfortable for use in the twenty-first century.

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