STAIR DESIGNS - examples of some interesting stairs

On the subject of designing stairs

I have always been fascinated by the design possibilities of stairs. In no other part of a building, it seems to me, is there the same opportunity to create a sculptural element that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some examples.

Le Pêcheur, Villebernin

This small cottage in Villebernin south of the Loire has had the roof space above the kitchen converted to a bedroom. The stair has to wind up closely to the outside wall, leaving sufficient headroom above but not taking too much space from the dining area.

New villa, Llauro, Pyrenées Orientales

Although this design was for a new building, the stairs were designed to minimise space lost to circulation. The top landing leads to the two bedrooms opposite each other, and not an inch of space is wasted.

Vigneron cottages, Vaux en Pré

The conversion of these cottages demanded a complex stair profile, which has added tremendous character to the kitchen area.

La Forge del Mitg, Pyrenées

This new stair replaced the rather frail existing one that led from the ground to lower ground floor. It is also a pleasing shape in its own right, and is visible from the upper dining room and new lower living room.

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